Landlord Gas Safety Certificates

Gas safety checks are legally required every year for rental properties. Without one, you won’t have a valid Gas Safety Record. We can provide a full gas safety inspection for any property that needs one. The inspection will consist of numerous things that add up to tell us if your property is safe or not. We’ll look at each of your appliances and check that they’re working effectively and correctly. We’ll also check that they aren’t emitting dangerous fumes, like carbon monoxide. In addition to this, we shall see if all the safety mechanisms are working correctly. And, we’ll check that any harmful fumes are being safely removed.

On the conclusion of our inspection, we can give you a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate. You’ll be able to use this as proof that your property has had a gas safety inspection. On the certificate, we’ll include everything that we found during the inspection. Any faults will be noted down, and you’ll be told what you can do to fix them. We’ll even provide a list of every appliance that we inspected, providing a brief description of them. Having a completed certificate is essential for anyone that owns a building and is renting it to others.