Our Services

Combi Boiler Installation

A boiler that is ten years old may no longer meet legal standards. It certainly won’t meet new efficiency goals, and you could be spending more on your utilities than you need to. We can help you save money by installing a brand new, super-efficient combi boiler. It will last at least a decade, and we’ll throw in our baxi duo tech 7 year warranty.

Part / Full Central Heating Installation

If you live in an older house, you might start to feel the cold during the winter. Older houses don’t store the heat very well, and the central heating systems aren’t always top notch. Our expert team will install an efficient alternative that won’t cost a fortune. A new central heating installation will bring your bills down, and keep your house toasty.

Bathrooms, Wetrooms and Ensuites

We know that a beautiful bathroom is essential to your home. We know you want a power shower to wake you up in the morning, and a deep bath to relax in the evening. Our experts will help you install the perfect bathroom suite, and take care of all the plumbing behind the scenes. We are the expert combination of style and function, and we’re here to help.

Landlords Gas Safety Certificates

We are fully licensed and approved to perform gas safety checks on all properties. We work closely with local landlords to ensure their properties meet regulations and standards. An annual gas safety certificate is required for any landlord, and we offer competitive rates for our audit. With our help, each of your properties will meet official regulations, and keep your business ticking over.